Muqabala (1942) | Fearless Nadia | Yakub | Agha

Madhuri and Rani (Baby Madhuri) are twin sisters whose parents, Seth Dinanath and Radha, are shot in front of them by their mother’s rejected suitor Shivnath (Dalpat). The mother dies and the father is kept prisoner by Shivnath who also kidnaps Rani. Madhuri is found wandering by a rich man Rai Bahadur, who takes her home and adopts her. Several years pass and Madhuri (Fearless Nadia) is enjoying her life in luxury. She has a dog called Gunboat who accompanies her everywhere. She finds out about her parents and sees Rani dance at a nightclub. She vows vengeance and soon the sisters along with two friends (Yakub and Agha) fight their way to the gangster and free their father.

The Wall

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