Grievance Procedure

In the course of human interaction, minor differences are bound to arise. However, in some cases, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to escalate the matter to get it resolved.

If you worked in an organisation, you would go to your boss or supervisor or someone in the Human Resource department, you would not broadcast it in a group email to all your co-workers. Similarly, please follow Verdurez Grievance Procedure guidelines below which will allow all parties concerned to deal with grievances fairly, consistently and speedily.

Please do NOT post a complaint directly on Verdurez - it is not fair to those members who are not involved in the matter, it is unfair to the member concerned to have his or her problem aired in the open and the problem will get worse instead of getting better. Please note that such posts will be removed.

Grievance against a fellow Verdurian: If there is any matter relating to another member with which you are unhappy, you should contact them directly. In most instances, this should resolve the issue. In case it does not, please send an email to info at verdurez dot come with as much information as possible so that we can mediate and help bring it to an amicable closure.

Grievance against Verdurez management: Please send a detailed mail to info at verdurez dot com with your objection. By keeping communication channels open with us, you will be helping in getting the matter resolved.