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Babu Apr 15

Jungles are where animals and trees are there

Cities are where human beings are there

But concrete jungles are there for what

May be men with concrete mind lives there

With no humanness with them

With no pity towards fellow beings

With no helping nature amongst them

This is the new life we live

Where will this lead us to

Nature will teach us all

One fine morning we will not be there

In the concrete jungle but in the real jungle

Learning lessons from animals...

AVRamani Apr 16

This kind of junglee?

Babu Apr 16
Ramani's is very comical also.
VAS Apr 16
Very valuable,actual & factual theme.

Knowingly or unknowingly greedy human destroying the nature,many creature & polluting the world there by digging their own grave. 3rd world war may be for water but no one bother.