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Ishita Apr 15

My Dear Verdurians,

Some of you may have experienced problem accessing V this morning.

The reason our account was deactivated was because my mailbox has exceeded its allowance. They sent me three reminders to take corrective action and I simply forgot so it is entirely my fault.

They have re-activated the account and I have 24 hours to bring back the mailbox size to its limit.

With the upcoming Meghalaya and China trips, my mailbox is greeted with large attachments of pan card, passport and ticket copies on a daily basis.

I do have an option to upgrade the hosting account but I want to keep it within my budget. So have asked their support department to let me know how I reduce my mailbox size while retaining all the emails.

Apologies for any inconvenience. Rest assured, am dealing with it.

Thank you.

VAS Apr 15
Dear BIS,

 Take it easy & you are doing great service to Vs. No need for apology.

shobham Apr 19
No apologies needed indeed. I am sure you will work out a solution soon. Cant you divert your mail to another account ? 
muthurajan Apr 19
May be a folder can be created in the laptop and all attachments stored there and deleted/transferred  after the trip is over.