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Ishita Apr 11

As the world's largest democracy goes to the polls today, you are invited to share your opinion, experiences of the past elections, forecast the outcome, what's happening where you are and any other related thoughts.

Please let's keep the discussions healthy and respectful :-).

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AVRamani Apr 11

Some of my uncles (both maternal and paternal) took active part in the Kilafat movement and were jailed by the British before Independence. My mother started a free tuition class in Hindi to train girls to become teachers and earn a livelihood on the advice of Mahatma Gandhi. At least twenty girls benefited and actually became the breadwinners of their families.

There was no formal campaigning by parties in the first general election. It was a voluntary movement. There were no symbols, only coloured boxes. Yellow was the colour for INC. My self (12 years at that time) and my sisters went from house to house in our town asking people to vote in the auspicious yellow box for Congress.

Catch me doing that now!

muthurajan Apr 11
No wonder your family canvassed for Congress, rather virgin Congress!
VAS Apr 11
Had Vallabai Patel who was elected 12 out of 15 by state congress leaders India's development might be much better. To fulfill the Gandhiji's wish he has agreed to make Nehru who got 0 vote to become first Congress PM. Nehru after become PM ill treated & neglected Patel. He has given Artical 370 to Kashmir. Congress & all Indians kept quite when lakhs of Kashmir pandits beaten,killed & chased away from J&K . Route cause for Kasmir issue is Nehru. After he become PM he removed Ramayan & Mahabharath from school syllabus that leads to loose moral value.

 Most of the congress leaders amazed wealth.India a democrat country or Kingdom to be ruled by dynasty. Even in many states  ie Kashmir to Kanyakumari many states CM'S too dynasty rule.

 Looters & cheaters are there in all parties. Communists & BJP no dynasty & can see honesty. AAP in Delhi better.

 Politics become a business. Most of the MP/MLA wins election mostly by buying votes. Candidates ready to give even 10,000 per vote. Initially they give 1000 or 2000 with a token worth about 10,000. If they win they can exchange the token in nearby shops/malls to buy whatever they want.

 We could see fast/more developments during Vajpayee & Modi period,less corruption than Congress Govt period.

 Though often we hear about huge corruption & block money in Swiss so for no one is punished. In fact looters & cheaters of all parties are getting reelected often.

 Corrupt Politicians as well Govt officials must be hanged if proved beyond doubt.

 Party recognition must be cancelled if any party give money for vote.

 Kejariwal & Chandrababu Naidu doing good for their states.

 All along i voted for the better candidate among the lot. 

 This time i would like to vote for Kamalhasan party who tell the public not to accept money for vote & selected well educated candidates. 

rameshsinghal Apr 11
In the new IT form,eveyone has to declare if one has foreign assets and /or A/C in foreign bank.Wrong decaration is ikely to create problem0

What is vansabad? yesterday when Rahul went to file his nomination from Amethi seat,apart from Sonia,Priyanka Gandhi her son and daughter were also on the truck.It will not be long when they will be given position in the party

VAS Apr 11
Dear RS,

  If congress win they will be given position.

 If BJP win then they will be in prison.


muthurajan Apr 12
No VAS! They may not be in prison. They may just get IT raids only. None got any follow up after IT raids so far!
shobham Apr 19
The tone of campaigning has become so low and personally abusive that I have stopped reading/ watching  all news / papers/ posts. 

Congress/ Nehru/ Gandhi  have made mistakes but we should also remember that it is their policies, however flawed that we stand where we are now. Both Pakistan and India got independence together and see the difference. Modi has done good work but he is also standing on the shoulders of previous generation. 
Human beings will make the mistakes. It is easy to be wise after the event. But the person on the spot does not have the luxury of hindsight. S/he has to take a decision on the spot in a moment. It is others who analyse it. 
I wish we would have a course in decent witty insulting for politicians. 

muthurajan Apr 19
Also, power always corrupts!