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Babu Mar 30

On a full moon day

Along the River Cauvery

I was strolling with

Thoughts of God, Nature

Wherefrom we came

How will we go away

Whislt will we live

On this Mother Earth

There are so many wonders

Apart from the 7 wonders of Man

Can you make a river flow ?

Can you make a Mountain exist ?

Can you make a child in the womb ?

Nothing is in our hands

You may call it God or Mother Nature

Both  are same - One does not

Exist without Another

Man made wonders may vanish

In Times to come

But God made are perennial....

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VAS Mar 30
When we were young we have seen lot of good water & trees...

Now we all long & beg for water in cavery & many other rivers..

Greedy people dig out lot of sands from dry Cavery & other river...

If God created then who has to save the river & nature from looter...

God created human or human created God???...

AVRamani Mar 30
Of course humans created god. That too in the male form. At least in Hinduism we have Devis also.

At the highest level in Hinduism God is not personified. God is referred to as It. Just consciousness. Param.
Earth is an insignificant bit of dust in the whole Cosmos. On the Earth humans are a single species in a gigantic multitude of beings. Why should God be in that shape?

Babu Mar 30

We normally describe God in human form. Because a frog in a well knows that

well is only the world. And so it is.