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Babu Mar 7

The road had no end.

I was walking endlessly.

I had sort of perspired.

I had to quench my thirst.

No water/pond nearby.

At a little distance one found.

Eagerly drank a mouthful.

It was not contaminated but pure.

Pure water in mouth is equal to heaven.

Now I had ample strength.

I walked a little more distance.

I could sight a bus stop.

I headed towards it.

I had to wait for my Bus.

Atlast my Bus arrived.

I reached my home.

At Home my wife asked why I was late.

I told her I missed my Bus and walked.

Then she asked why not me take a cab?

I had no money for paying the cab, I said.

Then she asked did I have lunch?

No I told her.

She asked me why?

I told her I did not have a penny.

She again asked me why?

Only bus fare and that too 50 paise I had...

Whys again ...?

I lost my purse, I said.

How much the purse had?

Not above Rupees Twenty.

Why only twenty...?

I got fed up .. I went to bed.

All these whys from wife..

Like a judge asking cross questions.

Have I married a Teacher or a Judge?

Fed up.,..fed up...completely fed up...

VAS Mar 7
My dear All rounder,

 Very interesting post. Yes wife make husband fed up as well Feed up,wake up,clean up,keep up,make up & cheer up too!!!..

shobham Mar 22
MEN! You people are impossible! 

If we ask , you are fed up. If we dont we dont care! 

Why in heaven's name could you not tell her BEFORE questioning what had happened?