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Babu May 16
Myself is nothing in this world

Where All others are also insignificant

Until one achieves something tangible

In his life or in others'

His part is  not there and shall

Be void and no good to speak about

So to say his life has no role

To play ... to aim ... to achieve...

VAS May 16
My dear All rounder,

 All in the family know very well what is the man's roll,how he role,try to achieve his/their goal & get control!!!..

 Man living & facing this world itself a great thing in life with wife!!!..

 Man can be cool,rock & roll,if no one control!!!..

 Man always try to play,fly high,aim,dream& achieve many thing...

 Man is the main pillar,creator,developer,enterprueneur,encourager,entertainer in this world...