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Babu May 16
Aquaphobia :  Afraid of being near water(a lake, etc.) 
VAS May 16
Can you tell me the word for Afraid of being near wife!!!...Aquaphobife???
AVRamani May 16
This is an answer given by a doctor for this question:
As a doctor, I know another word. From New Latin, from Greek gametē (means wife) the word comes 'gametophobia'. Ideally it should be 'fear of wife' but sources say that it's gamete+gamos (marriage) SO it's actually 'fear of marriage'. So, if we describe a bachelor 'gametophobic', he's afraid of getting married but if we refer a married man a gametophobic, he's afraid of his wife? I'm not sure!

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Babu May 17
VAS May 17
My dear All rounder,

 I am happy that made you laugh a lot,though i am under heavy stress & strain.Maha(bharath)vas battle on final stage.