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Babu May 15 '18
Why does Shiva dance?

Whenever he is angered mostly he dances.

When Dakshayini entered the Fire, he could not 

control his anger, he danced taking her body on

his shoulders.

And he dances when he is very happy too.

At Chidambaram temple, you can see him

in dance pose.

Gods sometimes behave like humans.

In Tamil Nadu, when one is happy he drinks.

And when one is sad also, he drinks.

These tendencies of God shows that He

is also like us but with a different type.

Any V can say something on this.

AVRamani May 15 '18
There can not be Gods. In plural.
Even a single personified God does not make sense. For argument’s sake granting that there is God, It (I am specifically using the neuter gender) cannot be for only humans or even for this earth alone. As such human attributes like emotions are inapplicable to God.
I know that I am probably in a minority. I am not out to convince anyone of my views. Religions are many. Spirituality is one for all. Each has to make one’s way alone.
I shall stop here.