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Babu May 14 '18
Why we (at least majority) pray?

The reasons may be as follows :

(1) To have peace of mind.

(2} To have faith that God helps us(at all times).

(3) Just a humbug.

(4) Just watch what happens by praying.

(5) Need his help and so pray  Him.

(6) To fit in Society majority Pray.

Many more also.. 


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AVRamani May 14 '18
One of my father’s closest friends was very close to me and my sisters.. He was quite religious and used to practice all appropriate rituals.
He had a serious discussion with me when I was still in school. He told me: “Ramani, God knows all. There’s absolutely no need for any human to tell God what to do. Remember that whatever happens is exactly what had to happen. Promise that when you chant any sloka or perform any ritual you will not say the phala sruti or ask for any specific result.”
To this day I follow this directive of his.
I have additional problems that as a person working in scientific research I do not find any proof for the existence of the commonly accepted concept of God with a plethora of versions in the many religions of the world and even within one religion.

It is much easier for someone who unquestioningly accepts what is said and prays in the common way.
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