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hari1941 Jan 4
Aging, like conjunctivitis, is contagious, But ...........

Now that 2018 is out and 2019 is in, we can safely assume that we have aged by one more year. We can either rejoice for happily living one more year or grumble for having lost one year of our life on this planet, the choice is ours. Try as we may, we are going to age. It is catching like conjunctivitis, because we are in contact with people who are aging from the day we are born.

Can segregation help? May be. But it has not been tried as yet and no research data is available to support this remedy. Prince Siddharth made an effort when he saw aged and sick people for the first time. From the day of his birth, he was not taken out of the palace and later not allowed to step out from his bed room, perhaps. . Probably the King wanted him to be safe and secure. But he forgot that those in charge of the care of the prince were old and aging, including the King and the Queen themselves. Siddharth left the palace and deserted his wife and son in search of a solution to this problem. He did find other things like how to prepare for the next life but could find no solution to the problem of aging itself. He also aged and died. Children who left their aging parents behind and went away in search of better life, never to return, also age. They found that the places they migrated to also have the same problem though not as acute because of better living conditions. It however hardly matters if one is called old at 58  or 68.

Can precaution help? Maybe. Again no such study exists. There have been suggestions - organic food, regular exercise, and regular medical check –ups and even Botox injections and plastic surgery ( Ask Nita Ambani or Shah Rukh Khan). This might have given some psychological feeling of wellness but each birthday reconfirmed the fact that aging is contagious. 

So what is the solution? I have a suggestion. We should never grow. I mean we should never grow in our thinking. We should always stay with the child within. The aged are compared with children for a reason. Just observe a child keenly. He or she is fully contended- unmindful of what he is wearing, unmindful of how many times he has fallen while learning to walk. Give him a toy and he starts kissing and loving it or even dismantling it to find out what lies inside, always inquisitive. He learns and unlearns very fast. He is always assured of himself. The only time he cries is when he is hungry. He also cries when he is sleepy, not because he wants to sleep but because he does not want to. Above all there is so much to see and learn with open eyes. He is very selfish and manipulative also. He hesitates to be friendly with strangers but once in his lap and assured of the stranger’s intentions of love and caring, he will jump with joy the moment he sees him next time. He can manipulate his way as he wishes. He likes to play with other children. He does not remember his past. He will fight one moment and become friendly next moment. He does not know how to cheat, steal or speak a lie.

So, dear SILVERS! Stay child, stay blessed. Remain contended under all circumstances, do not grumble. The body will turn weak and this or that pain will hurt but get up and smile. For a change, take out the old photo albums and live life again. Listen to music which is as young as you are. Eat well and on time. Cry if feel so. Pamper yourself once in a while with food or drink of your choice. Eat what you like after 70, they say. Don’t count hours you slept, count hours you stayed awake. Don’t expect children to guess what you want or don’t want. Speak it out in a very diplomatic and tactful way. Use the childhood tricks of manipulations. As far as possible, avoid the company of people older than you unless they are childish as you are. They are contagious. You will catch their symptoms-grumbling, complaining, glorifying olden days, carrying old baggage, finding faults with modern generation….endless. Stay with younger lot, preferably children. Do not carry any baggage of the past. Do not cheat, steal or speak a lie. Enough has already happened.

I can assure you, death will come but the reason will not be age. 

Here is a cartoon from the treasure of Henry King (Hank) Ketchum to cheer you up. 

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Babu Jan 4
No cartoon...?
shobham Jan 10
Found it unreadable 
hari1941 Jan 11

Quote from shobham Found it unreadable 
Edited. Made easy reading. Can't post the photo, though. 
shobham Jan 11
Thank you Swami Hari Ji. 

Profound Thinking and reasoning. .I agree partly. 

Here in Mumbai west we belong to at least  6 senior clubs. They have different agendas and routines BUT all have Birthday celebrations one way or other.  They  fulfill your requirement of child like!  Heaven forbid if someone's birthday is overlooked!  In fact Now one gentleman has made a separate Whatsapp channel only for greetings! This covers two groups including Dignity. I have made the data base and accordingly greetings are announced!  Most of them are addicted to Happy Birthday song with Tum jiyo hazaaron saal...  Ugh! The IDEA ! 

Now Me! I detest the idea!. So I have been pleading with other group admins not to announce mine. I am telling you the effort and arguments needed were equal to Rafael Deal in parliament. I cant think of a worse fate than living hazaron saal. 

I find consolation in reincarnation theory. That there is a time to change worn out clothing (body) and don new one. 
Meanwhile whatever the period granted I like to enjoy to the best of my ability. 

In fact my 81 yr old husband has started singing in these clubs. Almost all senior clubs encourage it. But it is most amazing for him as he never even hummed, not even in bathroom!  But he has a good voice and now we sing duets. Off key probably but sing. 

So right now i am doing research for his songs, download them, transcribe them and make him practice on my comp. As he does not like to handle it! 
He has already done two shows and is very pleased with himself. And we are all so proud of him. 

Actually our Mr H Shenoy did a write up on him on his facebook wall. I may do a write up on him too. 

 But that is beside the point. You suggest we should not grow. Like seriously?  

You think just because someone has aged s/he is grown? Excuse me. I find majority quite juvenile! Most of us are stuck way back but can only see others stuck!

Aging itself  is not contagious, but the related feelings of defeat , depression, and negativity are. Just as positive feelings are too. A good funny session uplifts me like nothing else. 

Actually I find today's technology very engaging. Because of Whatsapp now I am in touch with my extended families on both sides, old friends found 4 from 60 yrs back. I send only funny posts. I am in touch with family,  friends,  my second and even third generation family , their spouses, children of my deceased friends, friends of my children ...Their exuberance keeps me in excellent fettle. I am so glad that this kind of instant and free interaction is possible now.  I engage daily  in one to one or group to one conversations .. Most amusing!  My mornings are ever joyful. There are some grumpy ones too but most reply or at least acknowledge. 

Sometimes I would like to block grumpy ones, but then I feel it is the sick that needs the medicine. They need and probably like the daily dose but have too many issues to admit that they enjoy. So I keep them in the loop hoping someday they might unwind enough to enjoy openly. 

I find it morbid to sit and brood about aging and declining ability. Ours is the first generation that has this longevity. It is up to us to make the most of extra time, new facilities and accept gracefully whatever comes our way. 

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hari1941 Jan 12
Sood saheb good try but I am not in a position to post the relevant cartoon. Will try again . Some technical glitch
hari1941 Jan 12
All what you said is true. It is not the company of old that is contagious, it is the vibe. I like to talk to young people as much as I like to talk to old with young hearts. I can understand what age means to us all but that all is related to body not mind. I feel young when dancing. HR is fond of old songs and so am I . But I am not averse to Chikni Chameli or Kala Chasma. We had our times. Enjoy the present. Wait for future if lucky. My life philosophy is to live for today at this age. Gone are the days for child care, retirement plans and of course building bank balances.
I don't want to sing
Karwan Gujar Gaya gubar dekhte Rahe.
I like
Pal do pal ka Shayar hai, pal do pal Teri kahani hai ....
shobham Jan 12
Hari ji

You have made my statement! Yes ! That is the spirit. 

I am in touch with so many young people of all ages that I feel truly blessed.  i come to know their fancies, struggles and stresses, their weaknesses and strengths. And I see no cause to worry. Future is in capable hands. 

 Like dancing too. Actually am physically unable to sit still if a catchy tune plays.

I like songs with some literary value. Prefer Ghazals. 

In any case we have such rich khazana that everyone can find plenty to suit all tastes. 

Like you say HRS is a class apart. He has inspired so many people to sing in our club that he is dubbed as VIRUS!

muthurajan Jan 13
Shobaji! Perhaps earlier you made him to dance and you are making him to sing! Great! Why not record a few and post for outsiders in Verdurez to also enjoy his music?
shobham Jan 14

Quote from muthurajan Shobaji! Perhaps earlier you made him to dance and you are making him to sing! Great! Why not record a few and post for outsiders in Verdurez to also enjoy his music?

 How did you know?  That I made him dance?  Seems AAP Beeti! 

No sir , It is ME who likes to dance. And he burst into music all by himself ! And actually has dragged me with him into singing. 

Credit where it is due. 

Will try to post videos. Thanks for the idea!