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hari1941 Dec 25 '18

Be on Face book at your own risk.

Face book has shared our personal information with Microsoft, Spottily and others as per New York Times. We can’t do much about what already is with them. But we can know what they have and what they can gather here on.

1.      Review Privacy Settings- Limit who can see your posts. Disable third party apps. Change Timeline and Tagline settings.

2.      It will be a good idea to read the Terms and Conditions of service, though it is of little help as Face book keeps on changing them to suit their needs.

3.      Minimize Face book presence. Essentially all information is public, regardless of settings. Do not post family photos. Of course you can post your dog’s photos. Avoid clicking on ads.

4.      Download information what Face book has on you by clicking on ‘Your Face book Information’ and ‘download your information’. You will get all information about your photos, posts, comments etc.

But there is a catch. Face book is means to stay connected but that is on your own risk. So balance the benefits and risks. 

Babu Dec 27 '18
Today everything we take part is "at risk". 
muthurajan Dec 27 '18

The problem is we want everything free! Private policy of any such service provider has so many pages in small letters that, let us be frank, none reads but accepts. 

So please do remember nothing comes in this world free!

scsood Dec 27 '18
Your every movement is recorded by google and told you also at regular intervals of monthly synopsis as to where you went during that period including on foot via your mobile if it has data and location on or from the Wi-Fi addresses if location is off but any local Wi-Fi is used. So be ready to face the music what you browse at internet or where ever you go.
hari1941 Dec 28 '18
VAS has summed it up. Accidents happen but people still drive. 
shobham Jan 10
And we do not want Aadhar! 
hari1941 Jan 12
AADHAR wale hi niradhar ho Gaye hain. ( AADHAR is without AADHAR )