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burao Dec 21 '18
Realizing peace and perfection in lifes efforts are laudable goals. From a practical point of view, aiming for perfection interfears with being peaceful as the definition of perfection is subjective and no body is perfect in everything. As such demanding perfection in interaction with others leads to disharmony.<br />
<br />
What is your opinin?. Is peace more precious than perfection?.
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rameshsinghal Dec 21 '18
I think perfection should be aimed
Babu Dec 21 '18
Peace is required in life, no doubt.

Perfection too in a  way...yes...

burao Dec 23 '18
Indeed, achievement of perfection and peace are to be aimed. However, a perfectionist is a person who refuses to accept any standard short of his/her definition of perfection. Generally, the perfectionist is a control freak or micromanager. A perfectionist has trouble completing a project because of thinking there is always something more you can do to make it better. Being perfectionist also interfears with harmony among family members and friends too.In my opinion, it is better to strive for 'excellence' (the quality of being outstanding or extremely good) than for perfection.

What are your thoughts?
muthurajan Dec 24 '18
Perfection is something to be aimed but not practical. So let us complete things in as perfect way as possible practically. Also this perfection level should always be revised continuously I feel.