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Babu Nov 27
A rose flower 

Is very beautiful

But it has Thorns underneath

My life is also

Very nice above the surface

But below so many sorrows

Were they waiting for my birth

To spoil my life very often

Countless were there who were there

At each and every go spoilt my Life

Who is to Blame...God or Me

Or the circumstances...

Had I been left of these cores of people

In my Life...It would have been better

But alas ...  the Name of relation

They all  took part in Spoil Game

What could have been the reason...

My father was handsome and also

My mother ... This is enough for them

To have a grouse upon my Birth

They never pitied a Motherless

Boy ...Oh what a sad life ahead

Some  friends and  others also

took part ..

Like killing Julius Ceaser

And that was that...

I could never shine in my Life...

VAS Nov 28
My dear All rounder,

 With rose we can express our love & live happily,joyfully,cheerfully to shine in life with fine people.

 Throw the thrown & try to enjoy with ROSE!!!..

 We have to face both good & bad in life but unfortunately some forget the good & think & sink on bad that is sad.

 Let us be positive,active & live life on Rose bed & throw the  thrown bed using our head.

burao Nov 29
This poem 'Rose and Me' shows me that it is necessary to carry on in life unmoved by joy or grief and remain free from depression, only doing what is totally necessary to benefit self and the sorroundings like a true Karma Yogi
Babu Nov 29
Any one in my position would have become depressed but not me.  I carry

on and learnt lessons.

VAS Nov 30
My dear All rounder,

  Life is with ups & downs.Time will change many things in our life.

  Hope you remember the 80's Thamizh movie Irru kodugal[Two lines].

  For me you can draw a very big line by the side of your line but still like lion i enjoy life with wife.

  All along my life i never get depressed though i am living with life threat & fighting for my right against a mighty criminal who got money,muscle power/goons & actresses in his hand. I always take sincere efforts & think what to do next.

  Take it easy & wish you you get impressed & not depressed.