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hari1941 Nov 18 '18


God's Casino.
Some years back, I visited one of the most visited temples. As in all temples, that attract devotees from every corner of the country, managing the crowd is a big challenge. Various means and ways were devised to do that and one of the most favored way was devised by someone who understood the gambling instincts of humans.
Well, humans are born gamblers. They took huge risks by migrating to unknown destinations for better life. The story of Africans migrating to India and other countries is in sync with this theory.
This habit of setting a wager on anything for quick returns has helped in the spread of casinos, horse races, stock markets, real estate and others. Our cricket league matches called twenty twenty owe their success to the gambling public.
As I was saying someone in the temple management saw the opportunity here. It served two purposes- one generating funds for the temple and managing the crowd to some extent, the first being the main motive. All strategies are dependent on human psychology of higher the bet, higher the returns.
So here comes the list of various options available. VVIP Puja, VIP Puja, Special Puja,  Puja in absentia,  Separate gates for entry and so on. Depending upon the waging capacity, one can put a wager in the form of a 50 Kg. Pure gold crown or garland for the deity, a bank cheque of high value, a bagful of currency notes and so on. There are provisions for keeping the offering secret from general public and government.
Devotees visit temples and make offers in cash or kind, read bet, in order to expect intended returns in abundance. 'I will come back and offer XYZ if my wish is fulfilled' is the norm.
I had also gone to fulfill a wish, a simple one. Long back I had wished to make a visit to the temple and thus add one more achievement of my religious leaning and learning and brag among friends. Since I had no such a big gambling urge, I stood in the queue very early in the morning before the gates open and found myself almost one mile behind in the queue.  Somehow I could make it to the Garv-grih. In the melee of devotees and for the fear of the danda in hand of the sevaks, I managed to pass in front of the deity, if there was one, as from that distance I could see nothing except a huge pile of flowers and garlands.
That I came out without hurting myself, I guess, was because of the mercy of the deity in response to my wish.


Sarve Bhawantu Sukhina


November 17, 2018







AVRamani Nov 18 '18
There’s a problem for me.Whatever temple I go to, I close my eyes tightly when in front of the deity. I could as well have stayed home and did that.
hari1941 Nov 19 '18

Quote from AVRamani There’s a problem for me.Whatever temple I go to, I close my eyes tightly when in front of the deity. I could as well have stayed home and did that.
It is said that one can concentrate more by closing the eyes and avoid distractions. In smaller temples it is always easy to view the deity but is bigger temples it is rather difficult.
Babu Nov 19 '18
We pay tickets as huge as Rs.100/- to come see the Lord.

We are not  allowed much time even then. All temples have

become business hubs. 

muthurajan Nov 20 '18
Is there no way to discipline the crowd apart from Danda, I wonder! There are occasions when Danda fails and accidents in temples. Can we not stop people queueing up after certain typical number is reached and say sorry! Come again. Just no offence to anyone's believes but just a loud thinking.