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Babu Nov 8 '18
A Pen is mightier than the Sword 

But  A Paper tiger  would not bite

Realistic are those who knows the difference

In what life has offered and would offer

We are no one to judge the on-goings

A swollen river would not spare anything

A mighty wind will blow away all and sundry

A scorching Sun  would make anyone thirsty

These are but some of the Nature's way(s)

A building will collapse for no matter

A small ant will kill a mighty elephant

When it enters its very large ear(s)

Goliath was beaten by a Lilliput

So and so forth these things happened

Never be proud of your Wealth, Health etc.

They may vanish any time of your life

Beauties would be beauty-less at Ages

Pahelwans would not be so at advanced age

There are  so many of these and many

To make man understand Life in its spectrum.

burao Dec 2 '18
Man is a part of Nature. Part cannot be stronger than the Whole.
AVRamani Dec 5 '18


It was Lilliputs versus Gulliver:


and David versus Goliath: