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hari1941 Nov 8 '18


The Confused


I was having a chit chat with a friend of long time. We met after many years, though we have been in touch with each other and therefore we know the various stations we crossed during the journey so far.
He is of the opinion that Indian, by which he means Hindu or Hinduism is far more spiritually superior to western materialism. Well, he should know because he is a famously rich guy now compared to my status of 'also ran' materialistic achiever.
It is an irony that the so called upper caste Hindus benefited from schools and colleges run by Christian Missionaries more than those who converted to Christianity.

Most converts to Christianity in India were from tribal and dalit population who were not exactly considered Hindu. They were either primitive or either primitive or untouchables.  The reason they converted to Christianity was not because of its spiritual superiority but because of its modernity. They thought they will be treated equally under Christianity which was paramount as they had since generations suffered inequality. For them it was a good chance to move up.

Ironically again, the converts did not move up. It was the upper cast with the benefit of modern education who moved up.

That brings us to the question if Hinduism was and is superior spiritually, and it is, how come that Christianity drew these superiors to materialism?

The fact is, in the garb of Spirituality, the upper caste Hindus, grabbed all the materialistic possessions, preaching at the same time, the futility of these possessions.  To make this happen, they controlled the educational institutions, the prerequisite to learn the tactics of grabbing materialistic possessions.

Lessons of Spirituality, Detachment and Salvation are tools for keeping the disadvantaged away from claiming a share of the pleasures of having and consuming the fruits of materialistic possessions.


hari1941 Nov 9 '18

Quote from VASS My dear Cowboy,

  Not only Christians but Muslims too know how to confuse & infuse the socially & economically backward people.We all know where from they get lot of money for conversion.

 Indian Govt is doing a blunder bringing all Hindu Temples under their control & make the politicians to loot temple property.But churches & mosques are not under Govt control rather they get lot of benefits as minority.

Nehru by birth a Muslim done a blunder of forcing Patel to grant Article 370 to Kashmir,removing Raman & mahabharath from school syllabus.

 In India more than Christians Muslim population increasing fast & once they reach more than 30% they will try to take control of the Govt & may make Hindu's suffer where ever they are majority. In TN there is a place called Keezakarai where Muslims don't allow Hindu's to purchase any land or house. In Briton too i heard that there are some Muslim dominated place where even police can't enter or control.

 In my view all over the world Muslim will try to rule & convert other religion & that was their goal.

 Indians Hindu's too going to face threat from Islam rather than Christianity in future.


So jet lag is over!!!!!!!! Don't worry. Muslims have their own problems. They are up in arms in killing each other in middle east. Christians, particularly the Catholics are more worried about solving the sexual harassment in churches. They have little time to convert. Buddhists are happy anywhichway. Now we are left with Hindus, particularly those living in India. Those outside India are no more Indians and Hindus. Those in India are busy polarizing on caste community basis.

That leaves us two, you from Chennai in Chicago and me from Delhi in Memphis Cheers!!!!!!!.