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Babu Nov 7 '18
We have often heard people use the word ; 'Implied'.

That which is not stated directly is Implied.

These may be anything.

But mostly  meaning truths.

Vs may bring in more of these....

burao Nov 7 '18
An Implied News coverage:-

News papers have to cover a large volume of news in a few pages. This needs effective presention of a condensed version of different news. The journalism courses train students in the art.

In one journalism class quiz, the teacher gave a four column article on recent extensive floods in a neighboring town where the river overflowed in town and covering even the train tracks and asked the students to rewrite a condensed version of the article in minimum number of sentences.

One of the students answered the quiz in only one sentence.
"Where the town was the river is"
Babu Nov 7 '18
Nicely put (by the student)...
Babu Nov 8 '18
That is called Precis writing. You are good at that VAST.