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Babu May 10
Ballistophobia:  Fear of  Bullets.
Suchit Sep 7
This must be a universal fear common to all. After all who is not afraid of bullets.
burao Oct 10
Besides 'Balistophobia', everyone has knowingly or unknowingly has 'Nomophobia' - the fear of not having mobile phone because smartphones have become the essential tool for navigate, to organize our daily lives from keeping our calendar and communicating instantly with others, for Googling to get help to us answer any questions we might possibly have about people and and news.
VASS Oct 10
Our great Indian soldiers or any soldiers are all not afraid of bullets.But brave soldiers afraid of unwarranted accusation by public.

I too not afraid of bullets but afraid of my BH!!!..

Rich people are afraid of raid more than bullets!!!..