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VASS Oct 30
My dear V'S,

  We are leaving our home sweet home 31st night to enjoy with our calm sons & charm GC'S in USA.Will return back to our wonderful mother land on 8th Jan.

  Last 3 weeks,we were busy in purchase & last 3 days packing & checking the weights of bags.

  Our sons invited us last June but i could not go due to court cases,Even now with lot of difficulty only i could go.

  We are going specifically to see how our beloved kids & GC'S facing & living in sub zero condition.


Babu Oct 31
Wish you a very enjoyable, meaningful and cultural trip, VAS.  
Ishita Oct 31
Dear VAS & DG: Wishing you both a very enjoyable trip with your son, daughter-in-law and the grandkids. Hope to read your comments from the USofA.
Sabarmathy Nov 2
Dear VAS, enjoy with your family. I am also leaving for US on 8th and coming back on May 2nd. I will be in San Jose . Send me your US number.
shobham Nov 2
Bon Voyage Vas

Enjoy your time there. Leave the problems here. 

scsood Nov 2
Wishing you best of time with your Kids in USA.
SRSanders51 Nov 2
Good to know that you are going to be with your children for three months in US.  All the best to you and Hema for an enjoyable stay there.  Bon Voyage....

hari1941 Nov 3
Welcome and enjoy the winter with family. I am planning to go to India in Jan.
muthurajan Nov 4
Have fun in snow and enjoy your stay with next two generations!
VASS Nov 8
Thank you my dearest All rounder,Bis,Mathy,Bomb,cso,SRS,Cowboy& Pearlking for your loving wishes.

Last one week we were in Chicago & today we are in Sandiego.Last week gone so fast with our cuitie,naughty,pretty& lovely GC's.We visited our GS school all country cultural meet on 4th Nov wearing Indian dress ie me with Dhothi/Veshti & DG with colorful sarry.We tasted the food of many countries & seen their culture.Surprised to see more than 70%Indians & our GS class teacher from TN/Tanjure/Mumbai.

We celebrated our 2nd GD birthday on 5th Nov.Enjoyed Deepa oli festival happily,joyfully&cheerfully with GC"S both at Chicago as well in Sandiego.

Will go back to Chicago on 3rd Dec to celebrate our eldest GD"s Birthday on 7th Dec & see how they are all facing & suffering in winter.Last one week we were in shivering cold of about 5 Deg.But here in Sandieago is very pleasant.

Dear BIS hence forth i will have time to comment as usual.Bomb i never carry or worry about the problem but take sincere effort to overcome it.All of you can contact me in Whats app or through V.

We love fun & will enjoy winter with our loving son's,dil"s& gc's.

Our 3rd son bought a house in Sandiego & will happily enjoy house warming on coming Sunday & move to the new house.

Ishita Nov 8
Dear VAS: Thank you do much for the update. Now, V know why you were missing in action :-). Do post some photos for us to enjoy :-).
muthurajan Nov 8
Please convey our congrats and best wishes for the house warming ceremony. 
shobham Nov 9
All the best for House warming and your US trotting. 

Enjoy . 

VASS Nov 9
Thank you my dear Pearlking & Bomb for your loving wishes & i will convey it to our loving son&dil.

Dear BIS i am yet to learn how to post photo's.