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Ishita Oct 11

My Dearest Verdurians,

Peter and I are leaving tonight for Dharmastala for a 10 day naturopathy programme. The place we are visiting has been recommended by Verdurian Girija.

Given the nature of our visit, we are not taking our laptop and so I will be off Verdurez for the next 10 days. Will be back online on the 23rd which is when we return.

A group hug.

Babu Oct 11
Goodluck to you both.
muthurajan Oct 11
All the best! I am sure the naturopathy will rejuvenate both of you!
VASS Oct 11
Dear BIS,

  All the best to have the best health & happy life after you visit Dharamsala naturopathy program.

Ishita Oct 20

Back to base. We had to cut short our stay as Peter's brother-in-law passed away on Thursday evening in Bombay. We returned last night (over 10 hours by road from Dharmastala via Udupi and Karwar into Goa, a very scenic journey). The funeral is this afternoon for which Peter left early this morning.

Our stay was refreshing and rejuvenating with various naturopathy treatments and prescribed diet. Would highly recommend the place.

Babu Oct 20
Pl. convey our heartfelt condolences to Peter on his bereavement. due to the passing away of his bro-in-law.  
Ishita Oct 20
Babu: Thank you.
Quote from Babu Pl. convey our heartfelt condolences to Peter on his bereavement. due to the passing away of his bro-in-law.  

Sabarmathy Oct 20
Ishita, very sorry to hear the sad news. Our heartfelt condolences to Peter and you.
rameshsinghal Oct 20
Very sorry to hear the passing away of Peter's Brother-in-law
muthurajan Oct 20
Sorry about the bad news and happy to hear that Peter and Ishita returned brimming with good health!
Ishita Oct 20
Sabarmathy, Rameshji and Muthu: Thank you for your condolences.
VASS Oct 21
Pl convey our heartfelt condolences to Mr.Peter who lost his beloved BIL.

Happy to hear that your visit to Dharamasala was worth & got rejuvenated.

Hope you know i take only fruits & veg as my BF last 2 Years at 7.30 AM.  

Ishita Oct 21
VAS: Thank you. Very impressed with your discipline.
scsood Oct 23
Very sorry to hear the bad news. Our heartfelt condolences.
Ishita Oct 24
Subhash: Thank you.
shobham Oct 24
Sorry to hear the sad tidings. My condolences. 
hari1941 Oct 25
Very sad yo know. Heartiest condolences.
Ishita Oct 25
Shobha and Hari: Thank you.