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Babu Oct 11 '18
The little one was named Priya. Days rolled on.

Priya was in seventh standard. She was a studious girl.

She also particvipated in indoor and outdoor games.

She was a good carrom board player.

It was in the mid eightees.  One day her School

Headmaster told Priya's parents that she may be

sent to oversees for Chess playing.  At first the 

parents thought it was not good to send a girl.

But  the HM insisted that the girl will earn good

name for the country and also get rewaeds, etc.

The parents and one fine day Priya was set off

for England.  Here comes the turning point in

her life.

Priya while playing Chess with her compatriats

had learned English also well. The tournament

lasted for about 15 days. She got a friend in 

the process. A girl named Lilly. 

Lilly told her to come again, if possible.  Priya

agreed.  She did not win any medal but her

moves were appreciated.  She had to undergo

some training and will shine, she was told.

.. 3 ..

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