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Babu Oct 4 '18
Never again I will tell a lie.

Never again I will speak harshly.

Never again I will beat(my children).

Never again I will shout at(my old parents).

Never again I will say harshly(of others).

But never again ... I will ... repeat

Do the opposite of all these.

This is my  dream but  cannot follow...  

hari1941 Oct 5 '18


It is more than enough you at least think on those lines. This is the firs step in the journey of 1000 miles.

burao Oct 5 '18
It is difficult to get rid of HABIT. If you get rid of H still ABIT,remains, on getting rid of H and A still BIT remains, even after getting rid of H,A, and B, IT still remains. Only by changing from compulsive mood to conscious mood (Awareness), one can follow the dream.