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Babu Oct 4
Never again I will tell a lie.

Never again I will speak harshly.

Never again I will beat(my children).

Never again I will shout at(my old parents).

Never again I will say harshly(of others).

But never again ... I will ... repeat

Do the opposite of all these.

This is my  dream but  cannot follow...  

hari1941 Oct 5


It is more than enough you at least think on those lines. This is the firs step in the journey of 1000 miles.

VASS Oct 5
My dear All rounder,

 Never again i will elect the corrupt politician,

 Never again i will keep quite by seeing a fight...

 Never again i will shout or fight for petty reason...

 Never again i will forget those who support & uplift me...

 Never again i will get marry & worry!!!..

burao Oct 5
It is difficult to get rid of HABIT. If you get rid of H still ABIT,remains, on getting rid of H and A still BIT remains, even after getting rid of H,A, and B, IT still remains. Only by changing from compulsive mood to conscious mood (Awareness), one can follow the dream.
VASS Oct 5
What a mind blowing analysis/HIT, by our dear bur on HABIT....That is right.