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Babu Sep 25 '18

I think this may be our eighth or ninth year

in Verdurez. Many changes have taken place.

Many members have come and gone. Many

items got deleted by various writers in the

on-going changes.  The present set-up is good.

But there is one lacuna. Tete-a-tete was never

used. So also chat. At present  Likes have

been added.  

When a Member wants to have a chat ,

he should wait for the other person (whom he

wants to chat with). But this is not practicable.

I also wonder when only 60 members are there

(Present strength) how the "seen by member"

is shown as above 60. This is not  logically


May be sometime the writer himself "sees" 

his own write-uo and also wants to see

comments on his writing. Otherwise it is

well knigh impossible for above 60.

This one aspect Ishita may look into.   

Ishita Sep 26 '18

Chat feature will work when both - you and the person you want to chat with - are online.

Possible explanations for "Seen by member" figure being higher than 60:

1 - the post is seen multiple times by Verdurians.

2 - if the post is featured in our gallery on the main page, it is possible ti view it without logging in. Our newsletter goes out to over 1,600 members and so some of them are likely to click from the homepage without logging in.