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burao Sep 21
I am attached to you but can be ahead or behind you
I can of same size, toller, shorter, thinner or fatter than you
I talk when you talk but no one can hear me
I walk when you walk, I stop when you stop and also run with you
I dance when you dance, I limp when you limp
I smile when you smile, you weep I weep too
I change my dress when you change yours
I am you but I have no hunger or thist
I am yours and can be of any shape or form you shape me to be
I am your silent partner but you seem to ignore me
So, conditions are not right I vanish too
VAS Sep 22
My dear Bur,

 We only ask who are you & never ask who am i.

 You mean Athma or our body.

burao Sep 22
Dear VAS ji,
Please give me two more days to post the answer that I had in mind when I wrote the puzzle poem 'Who am I?. I wish to hear from others, if any. Regards, brao
Babu Sep 22
VAS Sep 22
Our great All rounder answered the puzzle. SHADOW.
burao Sep 23
Babu ji,
Thank you for solving the puzzle. 'Shadow' is exactly what I had in mind when I wrote the puzzle.
VAS ji, thank you for gracefully acknowledging Babu Ji's answer.