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Babu Sep 13
It was a light drizzle

Very enchanting scenario

New rain making its mark

All over and with smell

Very pleasing panorama  it is

Had it been pounding

Or comes with lightening etc

Who would like it?

If it is for hours together

Good for Crops and water storing

All pray for good rains only... 

VAS Sep 13
My dear All rounder,

  Good poem on rain.

  Rain with light drizzle or lightening,we must welcome it.

  No rain mean lot of pain,strain.& can't see green.

  Our parents enjoyed rain took bath as well drank in clean rivers & wells at home .Now we hardly see any flow of water in many rivers,most of the rivers/wells gone dry & polluted very badly.

 Even now in many parts of the world people long for the rain,if not with lightening at least drizzle.

 In future,country will be called rich if that country gets lot of rain.

hari1941 Sep 14


I do not remember when was the last time I had a rain bath. Many in childhood. Now only when there is no choice like it rains suddenly and I have neither a umbrella or cannot find a shade.