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Babu May 7 '18
On the night of 15th Aug, after the celebrations

on a/c. our Independence day were over, I was

returning by Scooty. It was 11 p.m. The road had

almost nil traffic.  Suddenly I had to apply the

brake as I saw a woman of forty  approaching my 

Scooty  with some speed and intention of

falling down before it.

I could somehow gather strength and ask the

lady why for she was about to fall in front  of

my Scooty.

But the response was Nil and she looked at

me as if I am from a different Planet or so.

I had put the question again.  This time she

answered" take to me to some 2 KMs distance

from here and you will know".

This was a quite strange answer.  Taking an

unknown lady at this ungodly hour and that

to a destination I do not know .. I was 


.. 2 ..  

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scsood May 9 '18
Amazing and building curiosity, What next ?