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Babu Sep 10
Of late only Hari  and Self (Babu)

are writing on various topics. Sometimes

Poetry and Prose too.

Although VAS, Shobham and AV Ramani et al

are commenting, yet it is not an encouraging

picture.  If you speak on a Platform you expect

appreciation by way of clapping by audience.

Likewise many more Verdurians may come forward

for giving comments - not be afraid of hurting the

writer.  No one is perfect and no one is a good

writer. So it is all in the game/ 

VAS Sep 12
My dear All rounder,

 Posting & writing are difficult job so i took the easy job of commenting,appreciating,encouraging & of all entertaining,making you laughing.I never mind waht other mind about my comment.I comment whatever strike my mind.

 If my comment make anyone V to laugh i will be so happy.

shobham Sep 12

Be happy

I am laughing!

VAS Sep 13
Dear Bomb tahnk you for making me happy & laugh.I could hear your laugh sitting here!!!..

Just imagining how will it be if Bomb laughs!!!..

My DG laughs a lot & laugh at me a lot!!!..

I make my DG, friends & GC'S to laugh a lot!!!.. 

hari1941 Sep 15
I am posting in V as usual and am happy to note that VAS and others mark their comments, always encouraging. Its a habit now because of long association with the group. Same posts are sent to other groups and response is more encouraging.  Anywhichways, I write for self satisfaction and keeping busy otherwise aiming for a Noble is all over.