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Ishita Sep 7

I am very excited to share with you the details of our next year's VAM in Meghalaya, "the abode of clouds".

VAM 2019 is dedicated to Verdurian Murugan, his wife Banumathy, son Raja, daughter Kamalini, son-in-law and granddaughter. Kamalini had shown interest in joining us in one of our VAMs but could only do so during the school vacation. And so we settled on the month of May. If you are wondering about the scorching May heat, worry not; Meghalaya offers us the perfect setting with comfortable temperatures during the month of May.

Attached is the programme with all the information.

I hope you will join us in Mesmerising Meghalaya in May 2019 and help us continue to celebrate life after fifty-five.

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  Meghalaya 05.09.2018.pdf (243Kb)
Ravi Sep 7
Good choice of place for May 2019.

Planning to attend ,we two.

Return flights to Trivandrum are only in the morning.

Two choices are possible.

So planning to stay at the last hotel for one more night.

In which case transportation on 14th to the airport.

Or stay at the airport , if  accommodation is  available.

To be decided.

Advice solicited.

How is the ticket booking ???

Self or through the agent ,as in the last time ?

Ishita Sep 8
Staying overnight at the airport may be too tiring for you and Ambika. It may be better to stay overnight in Guwahati on the 13th and catch a flight on the morning of the 14th. I will discuss with the tour operator
Quote from Ravi 

Two choices are possible.

AVRamani Sep 8
Geetha, my brother in law Sriram and I went on a trip to the Seven Sisters (All NE states) four years back. Geetha located a tour operator called Landscape Safari. It was a 15 day trip. From the time we landed at Guwahati airport till we were dropped back there for the return trip, everything was arranged to perfection. An exclusive all terrain vehicle and a single driver took us everywhere. Accommodation was the best available in each location. We had a memorable trip. I had even put up a travelogue on this in the earlier version of V.
The tour operator was:
Mr.Biswajit Hazarika
Landscape Safari
Travel Service – NE on Wheels
Anil Niloy House, 2nd Floor,
6, Dr.B.K.Kakoti Road,
Ulubari, Guwahati - 781007

If I can trace the write up I shall put it up again.
AVRamani Sep 8
This is the travelogue I referred to:

 Apparently the link did not work in some cases. I am removing it and posting separately.
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Ishita Sep 8
This link will work for those who have a dropbox login.
Quote from AVRamani This is the travelogue I referred to:

VAS Sep 8
Dear BIS,

 Happy to hear that you are going to enjoy 2019 AVM at one of the best hill station.As usual i have visited several time officially & few times with family including Chirapunji & border of Bangladesh from hilltop.

 May month in NE is generally raining season.Suggest to go with winter cloth & umbrella.

 Suggest to visit falls in Shillong as well Chirapunji & enjoy birds view of Bangladesh from hill top.

 Try to visit Guwahati Kamakiya temple on a small hill top & Brahamaputhra river.

 Gwahati to Shillang will take only around 3 Hrs by road(hill road).Even if you leave in the late afternoon from Gwahati say by 3 or 4PM you can enjoy the natural beauty like you have seen in Bhutan & you can reach by 6 or 7PM Shillong.

Geetharamani Sep 9
I don’t have a Dropbox id. The link worked.
Ishita Sep 9
That's interesting. In my case, it just gives me a login page.
Quote from Geetharamani I don’t have a Dropbox id. The link worked.

AVRamani Sep 9
I would like to know if this is a general problem. Because Dropbox allows anyone with the link to access the message. I had shared this link with many on the email. All could access it.
Ravi Sep 9

Quote from Ishita That's interesting. In my case, it just gives me a login page.
Quote from Geetharamani I don’t have a Dropbox id. The link worked.
So is my case. It gives me too a log in page.

AVRamani Sep 10

I have redone the link. Please see if this works:

The North East Seven Sisters

Geetharamani Sep 10
It was I who arranged the whole trip. Now see who is hogging the limelight!
Ishita Sep 10
Geetha and Ramani: Thank you for sharing your travelogue. Having seen the photos, I can't wait to explore Meghalaya with my own eyes.
murugan6m Sep 10
The details of the VAM are really mesmerising=_=

Ishita Sep 15

A couple of updates.

1. Muthurajan, Naga and Jeevi - who have confirmed their participation, yay!!! - have shown an interest in visiting the Kamakhya temple in Guwahati. So has Ambika (aka, Mrs Ravindranathan). This is an optional add-on and the cost of transportation will be divided by the number of people going for the temple visit. This will happen from 6.00 am to 8.30 am on Day 2 before we leave for Cherapnjee. The reason for this early start is to avoid the crazy rush, the temple tends to get very busy. If you are interested, please let me know.

2. For those interested in the Brahmaputra cruise, the time is 5.30 PM to 6.30 PM (but the tour operator has said to allow a couple of hours for it).

muthurajan Sep 15
As Ramani and VAS have mentioned, me and Naga have also visited Shillong and Kamakhya during early 80s. I have visited Cherrapunjee once. I am interested to see the changes in this 30 years. In fact, I remember that we had our own cruise in our department newly acquired for official use and I have crossed Brahmaputra in that cruise, though it is not a luxury type. The travel arranger has informed (as informed by Ishita) that the rate he has furnished is for lower deck and upper deck, it will be more. It will be perhaps sun-set cruise for about a hour. Many of the temples are rush-less during morning hours including Madurai Meenakshi temple and Nellai temple as observed by me personally. 
Ishita Sep 15
It will be interesting to hear about your earlier account and how the places have changed, specially since these parts are still relatively untouched compared to the rest of the country (or so I am assuming).
Quote from muthurajan As Ramani and VAS have mentioned, me and Naga have also visited Shillong and Kamakhya during early 80s. I have visited Cherrapunjee once. I am interested to see the changes in this 30 years.

Ravi Sep 15
I have booked my to and fro tickets for VAM 2019 at Meghalaya.

Thus confirming my participation too.

I have remitted the required advance payment too.

Hoping to see you all at Meghalaya in May 2019 ,during 06 to 13th May 2019 !

Counting the days down...................................

VAS Sep 15
When i visited Itanagar in Arunachal pradesh during 1979 to 83 i have seen many  topless women in many places but now must have been changed a lot.Nagaland & Mizoram those days very dangerous place even for our armed forces.Nagaland people used to say like England,Swisserland,Ireland,Finland Nagaland is their land.Mizoram people used to say " we are not tribals but terribles".

I got the opportunity to visit even interiors of 7 sisters with the help of armed forces.Any moment we/army people may shot down by extreamist specifically in Mizoram.Army can't have fence.Locals will come & eat in army mess & no one can question them.All fruit trees including trees around Army campous are theirs.I saw the death fear in many army people eyes who travel only as convoy in min of 5 to 10 army van/trucks.

Gwahati,Shillong,Manipur.Arunachal pradesh are calm & quite placess.

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