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Babu Sep 7
A new morning has come

With that new hopes also

Of becoming rich, etc.,

We want to forget the past

Let go of all dirty thoughts

So much pain in the past

Let it not recur again

Thorns there were in plenty

Roses we want hereafter

But roses without thorn 

Cannot be imagined 

Life is always full of these

Pose a challenge to we men

Be careful and be polite

Life will blossom soon

So it is our prayer ever

Suchit Sep 7
Beautiful thoughts; beautiful words- so true to life. Touching.
Babu Sep 7
Thanks a lot, Suchit.
hari1941 Sep 8
Yes Babu, as they say it will also pass.
VAS Sep 8
My dear All rounder,

  Wonderful thoughts on Bed of roses.

  If roses on the bed of our cot then it is First nigt.

  If roses on the top of our body then it is last night!!!..

  No one forget the past specically home ministers!!!..

  We have seen both pain & gain but pin point only pain & not gain except gain in our body!!!..

  We need to train our brain to think of gain & not mind or grind on pain that gives lot of pain & strain to brain.

  We all like to fight for our right or be polite.

  All countries spending lakhs of crores for defending their nation...Getting ready to fight no one want to be polite.