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Babu Aug 8 '18
As per ephemeries (Panchang)  there are three

1.1/2 hours totalling to 4.1/2 hours in a day as

bad times.

These are Rahu Kalam: Varies on different days

(like Monday : 07.30 am  to 09.00 am)

And again Kulikai kalam .

And Yama Kandam.

In Kulikai kalams dead bodies shoulds not be

taken for cremeating etc.

Raha Kalam and Yama Kandam are to be avoided 

for all auspicious events. In Andhra it is considered

as Dur muhurtams.

Apart from these one has to see omens like birds 

chirping, cow passing and crow flying from your

this side to that side.

Once again single brahamana should not come in front.

A handicapped (mentally or otherwise) coming in front

is also considered evil.

And for Brahmins following daily rituals are there.

Three time sandhya vandanam counting Gayatri Japa

108, 32 and 64 times in morning, an and pm.

This apart one has to observe Ekadasi vritham etc.

All told one has no time except  to do these things.

Apart from  these Parents thithis are to be observed.

Amavasya and Monthly (beginning)  are to be


This apart a house has to be washed particlarly on

every Friday and in some houses Tuesdays.

Again you should not lend money or take money(on loan)

particular star days.

Still many more are there.

Even after following these rituals etc., one is not

peaceful and happy.

You should tell lies, steal etc., are also there.

A girl coming to your house as Bahu should

be honoured.

All told a man has to see all these and follow

innumerable steps in life.

One cannot go to Barber's shop particularly on

Tuesdays and in Evenings.

Nail should not be bitten or cut very especially on


Where is the end for all these.

Are these practical in today's life.

That is why I think even Brahmins are not

following these.

Although these were created in good faith,

it is well nigh impossible to follow.

Still many more are there....I think VAS and A.V.Ramani 

will definitely say siomething.

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AVRamani Aug 8 '18
From the earth moon and sun seem to follow two circular paths in the sky. It is only an apparent path. They are seen so because the earth rotates on its axis.
The two paths are not identical, which means that there are two apparent intersection points of the two paths. Rahu Kalam is the time difference between these two imaginary points.
How can a the points of intersection between two apparent circles have any effect good or bad.
Just to debunk both Eastern and Western superstitions, I formally joined duty in NAL Bangalore at Rahu Kaalam on April 1 in 1969. Had a wonderful career and found my wife in a colleague.
shobham Aug 9 '18
A truth can only be true if it is universal. 

Sun rises and sets everywhere. But these kalams and muhurtams are neither known or observed elsewhere. Yet we see them prosper and happy.

We look for  "auspicious " muhurat for doing good thing , We should also look for inauspicious muhurats for doing bad thins. 

For example if you want to fight with someone look for appropriate muhurat. Countries should consult panchang before going to war. 

When one of my daughters got married, we had only one weekend when all my foreign relatives including my son. could attend. 

The Pandit said it was NOT auspicious and suggested a date quite unsuitable to our convenience. 

We stuck to our plans and today they have completed quarter century! 

Babu Aug 9 '18
As long as one//a family runs good times, it is immaterial whether they

follow Panchang or not.  I too did not consult in my earlier days, the Panchang.

There have been cases of South Indian (tTamil Nadu) who were totally disbelieving

in these matters.  This does not mean Panchang should not be referred to.

It is one's Karma Palan and nothing else.

rameshsinghal Aug 9 '18
I do not believe in Panchang
Babu Aug 9 '18
You are not at fault, Singhal.
Babu Aug 11 '18
You are right somewhat VAS.   Times have changed. Buti  n Panchang,

you may wonder how exactly weather predictionds are made.  There

are falures also.  But Panchang is a tool ithat's all.

AVRamani Aug 11 '18
The problem is that we attribute accuracy when something predicted happens and do not take any notice of innumerable failures. I have reported in the earlier version of V the study conducted by Dr.Jayant Narlikar about astrological predictions. The results showed that the predictions were of the same accuracy as tossing a coin.