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AVRamani Aug 7 '18
My granddaughter Tara is visiting us from US. She has a humongous amount of homework to do in summer holidays. In addition she also does some science projects with me. Her own hobby is video making. Here is what she did with one project. It is a gravity operated truck. After making it she created a story and made a creative video.
shobham Aug 7 '18
Really clever girl. 

Will go far. 

muthurajan Aug 8 '18
Well talented Wishing her all the best!
Babu Aug 8 '18
Such talent ....
Sabarmathy Aug 12 '18
Very nice. My best wishes to Tara.
murugan6m Aug 14 '18
My hearty wishes to Selvi Tara
AVRamani Aug 14 '18
I thank all of you for your appreciation.
Tara has declared her indifference to maths. Her school had given her a huge amount of maths homework for the summer. In addition there was quite a bit of reading to be done. I added these science projects. She left on Sunday after midnight, back to the USA.

I checked on Saturday morning that there was backlog in Maths. I told her that it was important that she tackles difficult things. The satisfaction when that is done outweighs any discomfort.

She sat and waded through the maths till Sunday 5 pm. She completed it all. I cut a graduation cap from a black plastic sheet and took a photo.

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Babu Aug 14 '18
Grandpa helped grand child a lot.... 
Sabarmathy Aug 16 '18