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Babu Jul 27
We had seen Doctors of yester years as follows:

He had a stethoscope on his shoulders.

We went to him scared of injections he will put.

He will ask so many questions.

He used to test our wrist and find the disease.

He will ask us to show our tongue.

He will prescribe his own bottle of 'Mixture".

Ask us to drink it 3 times a day duly shaking

(Not  shaking the body, ha...ha)

He will charge us in terms of Rs. and Annas.

If we did not take medicines, he will scold us.

He will wish us godspeed and some may also cut jokes.

That Doctor is no more  available.


He will put a dirty shawl on you.

He will cut, go on cut  your hair.

He will talk politics and other matters.

He will charge you Annas, for rich  rupees.

Once he puts the shawl on you

from nowhere your nose will start working.

That sort of barbers are no more there.

Yesterday is  yesterday.

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VAS Jul 27
My dear All rounder,

  It's not easy to find a Dr or Pvt Hospital yester years.We can see Drs in Gvt Hospital that too in City or major towns.In villages only compounder or Ayamma who's main job is to see child birth.Very difficult to see post graduate Drs.Most of the Drs felt it as noble profession & not money making business.But now we can see Drs nook & corner of India & lot many Pvt medical colleges & hospitals mainly to mint money.Indians average age going up year after year due to advanced medical facilities but majority of people can't afford it.

Barbers of yester year used to come to our home to cut hair.Neve demand or command & we can give some rice or dhal instead of money as we wish.Our parents used to direct the barber to cut the hair short to save cost!!!..Now a days hair cutting cost ranges from Rs 80 to 500 in Spa. Colouring of hair of our choice to look young not available in yester yrs but now plenty of choice to look pretty to enjoy party even after fifty or sixty!!!..

burao Jul 29
We see today's doctors

He has white coat and a stethoscope on his shoulders.
We go to him scared to only to consult him
He asks some questions
He orders many tests to find the disease
H wants to see him for to discuss the test results
On second visit tells I have unpronounceable illness
Recommends seeing a specialist
I see the specialist, he repeats family physicians action
Tells me to see him after the test results arrives
Then prescribes some pharmacy medicines
Asks us to follow instructions on the label
After few minutes of consultation rushes see other patients
(Not  shaking the body, ha...ha)
Never wish godspeed ot cut jokes
If we did not take medicines, neither of them scold us
But both charge copy and bill rest of his charges to insurance company

True, Doctor of yester year is no more there.

Barbers of these days-

He seats you on a back chair
He puts a surgery gown on you.
To mask the smell sprays perfume water on head
Turns on the radio to loud music
Uses fast cutting machines and finishes in ten minutes
Sips chai with straw from plastic cup
He will not talk politics and other movies but does slow dance to music tunes
He will charge you as though I am rich
Expects 20 percent tips, make faces is it is less

True, Barbar of yester years are no more there