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Babu Jul 22
Normally this sort of blessing

"Live for a Hundred years' 

has no relevance. One should be

blessed Live happily or live a contended

life, etc. One should be free of major diseasesl

be free from financial worries.

Another blessing "Live with children in good many numbers".

This also is not a  fit one in the present scenario.

Many people opt for one or two children, what

with the medical, educational and other expenses

which are sky rocketing.   

One can say blessings are blessings. True.

But they should have some relevance in todays

life style.Merely blessing is not good.

Those days elders wished a person 'live for a hundred years'.

See the result ; One is living for nearly a century. No use this


For example a person might have come with hunger,.

He might have been given a good meal.  So he blessed the

Food giver to live for a hundred years. Since this is a 

heart felt blessing, somehow this has come out to be real.

Instead he should have blessed 'May you live a good,

contended life".

Verdurians may give their r opinions.  

VAS Jul 22
My dear All rounder,

  Live for 100 Yrs & suffer for 100 Yrs is of no use.

 Average life of Indians as well all over the world going up year after year because of medical care & health awareness.

 People like Swamy Vivekanadar,mathamataician Ramunajar & many scientists who lost their life at young age still live in our heart.

 One must try to live in other's heart even after death like Mahathma Gandhi,APJ Abdhul Kalam & many more.

 Most important is healthy, peaceful,joyful & cheerful life with wife than longing for long life.

 One forighner visited on Jain guru in his hut in Himalaya & noticed only a mat & mud pot for water.He asked the Guru in your house no furniture,TV,chairs etc.Then the Guru asked the foreigner where is your furniture,TV etc.He replied thet he is a visiter.Guru replied that he too a visiter in this world!!!!..