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Babu Jul 9 '18
Now-a-days we can find men lose patience

at the slightest pretext.

Following are some glaring examples:

1)If son/daughter fails in exam - at least this is somewhat natural.

2)If wife cannot cook Chapathi in shape.  One lady was killed.

3)Road rages are very high.

4)Somebody hits wrongly a person.

5)Server splits coffee on a white shirt of a customer.

6)Boy/girl sprays ink on another boy/girl's shirt.

7)Teacher reprimanding a boy/girl coming late to school.

8)Dog parking - throwing stones at the  barking dog is very dangerous.

9)If a man slips on the road, fellow passengers laugh.

The man who got slipped is very annoyed at this.

10)One person absent mindedly waves at another

thinking him to be his friend.

Many such instances can be brought out.

Patience is a good virtue. 

Losing it on small pretexts does not speak well of one.

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