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hari1941 Jun 29 '18

Affection is a habitYah

  • Affection is a habit we develop over time in the company of someone we like and love. That someone may be your parents,  spouse,  child, sibling or friend.  The person is with you whom you can see,  smell,  touch, feel and  listen and talk to. At times it may feel like a weakness but, a pleasant weakness.  This feeling of oneness or weakness becomes a habit. Once we get habituated to something it becomes a nature. It's difficult to live outside of  it.

    But time and distance is what life is all about. It is impossible to confine relationships within the boundaries of time or distance. Nothing remains static. Growing up with time creates the distance. Necessities of life and spread of opportunities creat the distance. Sometimes the separation is permanent. There may slight hope of reunion. The sudden or inevitable departure from life make it a point of no return.

    Out of sight, out of mind, as goes the clitche, getting accustomed to absence, howsoever near and dear he or she may be. The feeling is there but the expectation is not. Slowly and slowly, in the absence of the seeing, touching,  feeling, smelling, talking, listening and pretending the reality sets in.

    But habits hardly die.  Neither time nor distance whither it away.  Making a habit of loving  someone,  caring someone and missing someone guarantees solid affection.

Babu Jun 29 '18
Affection with mom, dad and siblings is automatic.  

With spouse it is more than automatic.

hari1941 Jul 1 '18

Quote from VAS My dear Cowboy,

 Love & affection of most of the animals & specifically pet animals are far..far superior than with any human.

 Son affection on mothere is more than their father & Daughter affection on father(hero)more than their mother.

 Brother & sister affecion is far..far better than  between brother.

 Love & affection of lover is far..far superior than any one else in the world.Even ready to give life but not to their spouse who take away life!!!!..

 Those who got more friends can enjoy love & affection in life at all age.


AS I see it, Love and affection is always unconditional. Rest can be termed as pretentious. Also those who claim that they have many friends may have none. One may have thousands of acquaintances but true friends are difficult to find. Facebook has totally changed the definition of friend.  

Well a lover once turns into a spouse is no more a lover. He or she is a spouse with unwritten terms and conditions.hahahhahaahha