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Babu Jun 13 '18
In Indian Hotels, lot of food is wasted by customers.

Apart from paying heavily for these items, they also

waste it. So a double mistake occurs here.

How many are longing for food.

People realize the value of food.

Some hotels (mostly foreign) have

come out with an idea that these 

food items be given to the poor.

Americans are culprits in this respect.

Like medicines  if these food items

are given to the poor purpose will be


But in India it is well nigh impossible

because we eat the items in a most

indecent way and throw the excess/unwanted.

Yes Babu..... Just like some hotels in foreign we can arrange for giving waste food to poor. For that hotels can charge from others and give to poor. I forget the exact name for such plan. But I heard from some friends that while they are taking food in hotels they will pay for one or two sets which will be given to poor.