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Babu Jun 12
We want:

1) A good wife/husband.

2) Abiding children.

3) Good remuneration.

4) Big post in a big firm.

5) Beautiful lover.

6) A beautiful house.

7)A sophisticated car/scooter.

8) Very good bank balance.

9) Good Music (to the ears).

10) Good health.

and so on and on...

But would we deserve this ... is the main question.

hari1941 Jun 13
Sure, why not? Try to deserve all.
Babu Jun 13
Sorry. The title should be : Wants. Typing mistake..

Hari. You are correct. We have to make ourselves "deserved".

VAS Jun 13
My dear All rounder,

 Everyone try but one need pull push to be in the deserve list.

 Will the one who got all what you said above will be happy or try to become more richer.

 Those who are needy leads a happy life than greedy people.

 Of all i like the last point 10,Good health.

 Is there any one who said that they got a good wife/husband???..

Gone are the days to have abiding children,mostly pamperd & they command & demand.

Is there any one happy with their job or remunuration???.Majority of Indians are Agriculturist or labours & they are more satisfied & enjoy life happily with what they have.