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Babu Jun 11
Mostly out of self pity we cry due to the following:

1) We failed in an exam

2) We could  not achieve a target

3) In Office we failed to be considered for a high post

4) In spite of request(s), no hike in salary

5) Our Mastery in a subject not welcomed

6) We fail in love

7) We have deep wounds by falling down

8) We lost somebody nearer or dearer to us

9) We are taken as a bad person(being good also)

10) For women there are many.

Inspite of all these, we have to carry on our lives.

We should never think of Suicide, etc.

Nagative thoughts always allow us to cry.... We have to take everything positive even it is negative...... failure is the first step of success. we should realise the fact...... Good thought bu Babu.... Thank you.
VAS Jun 13
My dear All rounder,

 Generally women cry as well laugh a lot than men.

 We must try to smile but try to overcome cry.Those who smile more will live more in others heart.

 Gone are the days to cry for love failures present generation take it easy.

 Being good or bad or happy or cry very much in our hand.

 Majority of us live for others & not for theirs.

 Crying child/women will get what they want.But men try try try to get what he want for him as well for his loved ones!!!

hari1941 Jun 16
Men are not supposed to cry.