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Babu Jun 10
We  have long distance in our

relations with:

1) Mother   By not reciprocating her love;

2) Father :  By not understanding his affection.

3) Brothers : By not able to fathom his love and affection.

4) Sisters:  By not able to know her love and affection.

This way we only make the distance between us great

and cannot come in closer.

As regards wife, we have to understand her or else

we are doomed.

Children: We should know their love and affection and

behave correctly.

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VAS Jun 11
My dear All rounder,

 More the distance more the affection.

 Mother /Father love,care & affection on kids always nearer.

 Brother love is mostly conditional & at times jealosy,many times become fighter or frieghter.

 Sister's love,care affection always brighter & make happier.

 How to understand wife is still under search/research!!!..Husband or Wife realize their partner value after loosing,not while living but fighting or frightening!!!.

Children love their parents till they get marriage after marriage loose their courage.Fact is allof do lot to our wife & kids than to our parents..