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Babu Jun 6 '18
One day as I was walking  around my house,

I noticed some people gathered together and

talking something. I did not dare to go  near

them for fear that they may be some hooligans

for their hair style and mannerisms exhibited so.

But on noticing from a distance I came to know

that they are not bad persons.  They were only

talking some national topics but in a hushed manner.

I went near them  and wanted to join their conversation.

One topic was ladies safety in these days.  I  too

conveyed my opinions.  They greeted me and asked me

about my job etc. I told them I am a retired person.

From my looks I could not be guessed as a Retiree.

I suggested ladies preferably should not go alone

and needed company particularly after dusk.

This they welcomed but indicated the Delhi incident.

I told them in the interest of safety etc., they should not

argue about rates etc.. and go by  Auto if they can


The topics got changed and finally set at Bhakthi.

This they said is very false and many are getting

cheated.  I agreed and suggested only in  Houses

they should pray and no outwardly activity should be

done except when necessary.

I became a friend of them and they welcomed me

for their next meeting next week at the same time,

same venue.

Though I took a risk of joining a new set of people,

had I not  done so, I would be "talking to myself"

type of person.

Well narrated story...Thanks Babu.... I am Ramani ,Old Verdurien.

Babu Jun 8 '18
Ramani .. for a joke .Not only you.

And we are all Verdurians.

Babu Jun 8 '18
VAS. I am little by little improving.
hari1941 Jun 9 '18
Talking to like minded people is always invigorating. In Delhi, of course, they may say mind your own business.