Verdurez Annual Meetup (Date to be decided): DPRK


Date & time Sep 15 '20
Event ends Sep 25 '20
Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)
Creator Ishita

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Verdurez Annual Meetup (Date to be decided): DPRK

This event is on hold for now because of the changing political situation between the USA and North Korea.


The thought of visiting North Korea is courtesy Verdurian KGRD who posted this write-up about an Indian family's experience of visiting the country. This made me think, why not?!

At this stage, I am simply trying to see if any Verdurians would be interested in visiting DPRK next year.

Here is the proposed itinerary. Interested? Leave a message below or drop me a mail (travel at


Note: Arirang Mass Games will take place on one evening during stay in Pyongyang (entrance ticket included in tour price)

The Day Before: Friday 13th September

18:00 hrs:
You will meet out Representative at the HAIWEIRENSHENG Restaurant in Beijing for a pre-tour briefing and visa handover, where any last minute questions can be answered.

This will be followed by a complimentary ‘icebreaker’ welcome dinner held in a private dining room, providing a great opportunity to relax with your fellow travellers 
and sample great local food (drinks available for cash purchase at the bar).

Day 1
12:55 hrs – Depart Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 2 aboard Air Koryo flight JS 152. We recommend arriving at least 2 hours prior to departure to ensure plenty of time for potential delays, customs and immigration formalities.

1525 hrs LT – Arrival at Pyongyang Sunan International Airport. Welcome to the DPRK! After clearing customs and immigration, you will be met by your KITC guides and driven into Pyongyang. You can enjoy a city walk to stretch your legs and take in the sights of the city. You will then be dropped at the Koryo Hotel (4*), one of the finest in Pyongyang, where dinner will be served in the comfort of the hotel. You will then head straight to the May Day Stadium to witness an evening performance of the Arirang Mass Games (exact day to be confirmed).

Day 2
AM: We begin the day with a tour of the Mansudae Fountain Park and the Grand People's Study House, giving fantastic views over central Pyongyang. Next there is an opportunity to visit Kim Il Sung Square, the centre point of the whole country and then browse the Foreign Language Bookstore before checking out the Fatherland Liberation War Museum including the captured US spy ship USS Pueblo.

PM: Lunch is served at a local restaurant before you then have a look round the Mansudae Artists Studio where the country’s finest artists ply their trade. Next there is a ride on the Pyongyang Metro followed by a visit to the Arch of Triumph, built to commemorate the Korean resistance to Japan from 1925 to 1945. Dinner this evening is served at the hotpot restaurant.

Day 3
AM: You depart Pyongyang and make your way South East to Nampo and a visit to the Chongsan cooperative farm, to gain an insight into DPRK farming methods and organization. You then have a chance to see DPRK industry in action at either the Chollima steelworks or the Kangso mineral water bottling plant, depending upon availability.

PM: Lunch will be served at a local restaurant in Nampo before heading onward to the West Sea Barrage, an impressive feat of engineering completed in 1986 that regulates water levels along the Taedong River. We’ll then return to Pyongyang for a little light relief with a trip to the Circus. Afterward there will be an opportunity to shop at the Kwangbok Street supermarket, where you can mingle with the locals and even exchange foreign currency to use Korean won! Your dinner will be served at the Kwangbok Restaurant.

Day 4
AM: Rising early, you will depart Pyongyang for Kaesong and the DMZ, where you can see at first hand the physical division of Korea and the immense historical legacy this has had on the nation. You will be shown around by officers in the Korean People’s Army who will talk to you firsthand about the situation on the ground. The next stop is the Koryo Museum, consisting of preserved Confucian buildings and a replica mausoleum depicting life in Korea during the Koryo dynasty.

PM: Lunch will be taken at the historic Kaesong Folk Hotel, built in traditional Korean style, where you will enjoy a hearty ‘Royal Court’ style meal in the customary manner, served on the floor from bronze bowls. After lunch is the return journey to Pyongyang, and en route there will be a brief stop of the Monument to the 3 Charters of National Reunification. Dinner is served at a local restaurant. After dinner, there will be an optional visit to the Taedonggang No.3 bar, serving a full range of locally brewed beers from the nearby Taedonggang Brewery.

Day 5
AM: Today you will pack an overnight bag to travel north towards Mount Myohyang, one of the noted mountains of Korea (2 hours drive). The first stop will be the intriguing International Friendship Exhibition, a vast underground structure housing all the gifts bequeathed to Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il from foreign dignitaries and nations.

PM: You will then check in at the Hyangsan Hotel (5*) with a chance to freshen up and have a BBQ picnic lunch. It’s then time for a visit to the historic Pohyon Temple, a preserved and partially restored Buddhist shrine in a beautiful mountainous setting. Afterwards you will have a chance to make your way into the
mountains for a scenic walk alongside waterfalls, taking in the beautiful Korean vistas and watching the stunning sunset. The evening can be spent relaxing in the hotel.

Day 6
AM: Returning to Pyongyang, there will be a brief souvenir shopping opportunity at the Minye Handicraft store or Korean Stamp Museum. Before lunch you can stretch your legs with a walk along the Taedong River.

PM: After lunch you will visit a local middle school or orphanage depending on availability. Next you will visit the Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace, and see the children’s performance. Tonight you check in to the Gobangsan Hotel (5*) and enjoy a luxury welcome dinner banquet.

Day 7
AM: You will depart Pyongyang for Wonsan (around 2.5 hours). On the way there will be a stop at the Sinpyong Resthouse for light refreshments and a chance to enjoy the stunning natural scenery. You will then see the beautiful Ullim Waterfalls. Arriving into Wonsan, lunch will be served at a local seafood restaurant.

PM: After lunch there will be an afternoon walk along the pier to Chondokdo lighthouse, a good chance to stretch your legs, and a visit to Kaeson Revolutionary Museum at the old railway station. You then continue the drive south towards Mt Kumgang, one of the sacred mountains of Korea and check in to the Kumgang Hotel and enjoy a hearty dinner in preparation for tomorrow’s hiking.

Day 8
AM: You wake up in the picturesque Mount Kumgang and Kuryong regions, with its flowing waterfalls and mountains which make for great photo opportunities and spectacular hiking routes. The morning is spent exploring this beautiful region.

PM: Lunch will be at the Moknan restaurant, at the foot of the Kuryong waterfall path. You will then move on to visit the Samil Lagoon, offering yet more photogenic and far reaching views. You then begin the drive towards Masik Pass and check in at the Masikryong Hotel (5*) where dinner is also served.

Day 9
AM: Enjoying the fresh air you take the short cable car ride to Taehwa Peak where you can enjoy a snack and the stunning natural scenery. It’s then time to check out and continue the drive back to Pyongyang.

PM: En route you will stop for lunch at the Sinpyong Teahouse before checking back in to the Gobansan Hotel (5*) in Pyongyang. In the late afternoon you can enjoy some pampering at the Changgwangsan Health Complex (beauty treatments extra cost) before dinner is served at the Rakwon Restaurant.

Day 10
AM: The day begins with a trip to the Tower of Juche Idea and nearby Party Foundation Monument. Before lunch you will also have a tour around the Flower Exhibition. Lunch is served at the KITC Restaurant.

PM: In the afternoon you will visit the Sci-tech complex, located on an islet in the middle of the Taedong River. It’s then time to take a brief walk around Moran Hill, located in the centre of Pyongyang before heading to the Mangyongdae Native House, the birthplace of President Kim Il Sung. Your farewell dinner is served at the nearby restaurant.

Day 11: Tuesday 25th September
08:20 hrs: Depart Pyongyang aboard Air Koryo flight JS 151, arriving at 09:50 hrs LT in Beijing.

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