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Confession over, the boy asked the priest:                                                          

 “What happens to people after they die?”


The priest thought the boy would be perplexed by his answer and leave.          

He told him: “The same as before they were born.”

But the boy persisted:                                                                                       

“And what was it before they were born?

That one caught the pastor on the wrong foot – he pleaded:                         

“Don’t disturb me, young man, I wasn’t born then.”  

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She asked me: “Why did your husband build the wall so high?”

I replied: “To deny you the temptation to ‘jump’ over.”

“Go, tell it to the Marines!” she jumped at me.

My husband rubbed in: “You should go, ask your husband, instead.”

This one caught my wife napping; she now realised why I built it so high.

Bennet Paes


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