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Story of Wooden Elephant by Verdurian Burao
My Trouser and Me by Verdurian Babu
Why we Lose Patience by Verdurian Babu
Memories by Verdurian RamaniSankaranarayan
Hindu Rate of Growth by Verdurian Hari Lakhera
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Babu Yesterday, 14:45
When someone throws away money we call the... More
AVRamani Yesterday, 12:53
Egotism - usually just a case of mistaken... More
Ishita Yesterday, 12:26
My dear bur,  Simple,humble & lovely... More
VAS Yesterday, 10:11


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WIFE: Honey let's play a game HUSBAND: Okay. What... more

Upcoming events

Verdurez Local Meetup (VLM): Chennai
I will be in Chennai between 6th - 8th October along with Verdurians Ravi and Ambika. We are coming...
Ishita Oct 6, 18:00
Verdurez Annual Meetup (VAM) 2019 dedicated to Murugan, Banumathy, Raja and Kama...
VAM 2019 is going to be held in honour of Verdurian Murugan and his family who are regular VAM parti...
Ishita May 6 '19
Verdurez Annual Meetup (Date to be decided): DPRK
This event is on hold for now because of the changing political situation between the USA and North ...
Ishita Sep 15 '20