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It is nice to know that the computer... More
Ishita 39 minutes ago
This goes to prove, perhaps, that "dhane dhane... More
muthurajan 2 hours ago
Epitaph for a dead waiter - God finally caught... More
Ishita Yesterday, 11:19
Here is an example of my understanding of the... More
burao Nov 15
Luck is in the cards, skill is in the player.... More
burao Nov 15


Hey, I just signed the petition "Hon'ble M... more
RSMani Nov 15
A friend sent this puzzle: A family I know has ... more
AVRamani Oct 29
I had earlier posted a travelogue on a visit to Ha... more
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    By Eugene Wigner
    It is nice to know that the computer understands the problem. But I would like to understand it too. Eugene Wigner
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    Eat now .. pay later ?
    On 14th when I was in Madras/Chennai. wantedIdlis at about 2.30 pm. But nowhere in Madras nearRippn Bldgs. I could get it due to time over. I couldnot...
    This goes to prove, perhaps, that "dhane dhane me likha hai ghanewale ka nam"
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    By George S. Kaufman
    Epitaph for a dead waiter - God finally caught his eye. George S. Kaufman
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    (A short story)

    Fr. Rangel was riding on his bike home after a social visit, in the opposite ward of the village. Whilst crossing the main road he heard the peel of the Angelus bell, and his right hand went up for the customary ’sign of the cross’. The cycle’s handlebar slouched and turned directionless. The reverend father got dislodged from the saddle and landed on the red, muddy road below.

    He limped up and was dusting his cassock, when a villager happened to pass by. He quickly got the bike back on its wheels and enquired how it all happened. “Look, my son,” the priest wondered: “These two blessed ducklings were hiding in my cassock. They came out and quacked when I fell off my bike. Don’t know if they did it out of fear, or just to laugh off the accident.”

    “And how did the fall happen, father?” the nosy man’s enquiry persisted, not seeing any trace of ducklings around. “No, I just lost my balance.” Leaving the rest unfinished, the priest tried to reach for the pedal. He couldn’t, so he walked the bike home.

    It was well past his dinner time when he reached home. Gabriel, his house-help, asked about the unusual delay and he was granted full explanation. He did not ask what happened to the ducklings, though - ‘patiu-bab’ ( a subordinate addressing the priest in Concaini) was looking a bit tipsy.

    Following the shower, Gabriel served his dinner – a plate of soup, followed by a fish side-dish and a banana for dessert. After his pre-meal grace, Gabriel mentioned another person who had met with a car accident at the same spot and at the same time of the evening. His name was Leandro, he said, and that he was from the same ‘vaddo’ (ward) ‘patiu-bab’ was on a

    When Fr. Rangel heard Gabriel mention “Leandro”, a bell rang - so loud that the first spoonful of soup splashed mid-way to his lips. Leandro was the one whose marriage he had once officiated. However, in his mind he did not rule out why that same spot made him and Leandro look like two peas in a pod.

    It seems, Leandro was riding in a taxi with his mother, just discharged from the hospital, when the accident took place. It was in the evening at around the Anelus hour. A woman, supposedly a head-case, was seen crossing the road under a darkish sky. She was in a white, long flowing dress and her hair was blowing in the wind. Legend has it that a woman in white, seen hurrying across a lonely road, either in the day or night, is an apparition of a deceased family member.

    Leandro’s mind instantly connected her to his late wife, who had worn a similar dress on their wedding day, and fled wearing the same. He broke out in sweat and his heart almost leapt out of his chest. The driver’s mind was distracted too. In a fit, he wheeled the steering to an angle that the car hit a lamp-post.and crashed. It left him with a fractured arm.

    Leandro and his mother too escaped death, but he was left with a permanent defect in his left arm and a ‘challenged –left shoulder’. His mother, just out of a mental hospital, suffered minor injuries. She hadn’t yet recovered from the affliction of demonic possession – yelling out verbatim the gibes thrown at her by her daughter-in-law, whenever they were engaged in verbal duels.

    Leandro’s wife, Goretii, was a winsome woman, but his marriage was shaky right from the start. One - they were two incompatible characters brought together by parental persuasions. A large gap between their ages made up for the rest. Nevertheless, late as he was, Leandro managed to raise two children, a boy and a girl, in between his several stints at sea. He was a tarvotti (a ship-server) by profession.

    Goretii, although at loggerheads with her husband, never failed to give the children the love and care they were due. But lack of love from the husband and his long absence, perhaps created a longing in her for someone to cuddle up to. It got her neck craning over the fence. But attractive as she was, she didn’t need to be craning for long.

    Several word-spreads filtered through the air, and shockingly, Fr. Rangel’s name topped the heap. The urge to fall in love is a natural phenomenon in all living beings, be they priests or peacocks. But, if a Catholic clergyman is heard getting into celibacy’s no-fly-zone, eyeballs fall out and the Church too condemns it, in silence though. They pose a reason for it – only angels do not falter.
    Love might have erupted in Fr. Rangel’s heart since the day he blessed Leandro’s union with pretty Goretii. In recognition of his services, the couple had sent him a ‘saguad’ ( a gift in appreciation) in a ‘xempul’ (a small bamboo woven basket) containing a pair of ducklings and a bottle of wine. This loving gesture might have raised the reverend father’s spirit, and temptation gotten the better part of valour. He had just crossed forty summers then. Now he was older by twenty.

    As time passed by, Gorreti’s love-bytes bucked-up. Fr. Rangel’s social visits to her, matured into love for the flamboyant face in a cassock. But contrary to expectations, tale-tellers later tailored stories that his ‘work-in-progress’ was stumped by strong competition from another - Goretii’s dress-maker. As a result, the holy father was eased out of the race to Goretii. Her mother-in-law took umbrage at such goings.

    The mother-in-law was the one who persuaded her son to bring in a beautiful looking daughter-in-law for her, and she got one. But living under one roof unmasked their characters to constant conflicts. Whenever Leandro was home on leave, the fencing war of words became more intense and lop-sided – with her husband always programmed in mother’s favour.

    They abused Gorreti in the filthiest of terms, like, tum ek colvonth’ (you’re a prostitute); and Goretii fired back: “How dare you sneak around my private affairs, you bloody old ‘zontt’ (hag)!” She also warned Leandro: “If you don’t train that bitch to behave right, I shall leave you both learning a lesson you will regret all your lives.” Leandro couldn’t contain himself anymore. His right hand went up to her throat, and the left pulled her hair so violently that she fainted and fell. Leandro was a lefthander.

    Goretii was left helpless. Even her tailor-friend was not around to lend a hand. Leandro’s presence got the tailor’s quixotic ‘katôr’ (scissors) to exit the very race it had earlier cut-off Fr. Rangel from.

    Goretii’s concern was more about her children than the turbulence in her life. She didn’t want her own shortcomings be playing on their young minds. So she thought it best to get away from the scene once and for all.

    One overcast evening she kissed her two children goodbye and left home. She fled to her mother’s in the neighbouring village bare-footed, but for a reason best known to her, wearing her old wedding gown.

    She lifted the bottom part of the dress with one hand .to ease her movement, and held a match-box and a candle in the other, perhaps to lighten up the shady by-lanes at sundown. .She navigated them all and finally, crossed the main road to reach for the mother’s balcão. She found the main door closed. It was time for the Angelus bells to toll, before which time her mother living all alone, usually shut all the windows and the main door. Goretii did not knock to enter.

    Moments later, at the first toll of the bell she was heard howling in agony. Her mother opened the door, but shockingly enough, to see her daughter engulfed in flames. The wedding dress had helped spread the fire’s fury fast, which perhaps was the purpose of her wearing it .in the first place. Her loving children were never to see their mother again.
    (A short story)

    Fr. Rangel was riding on his bike home after a social visit, in the opposite ward of the village. Whilst crossing the main road he heard the peel of the Angelus bell, and his right hand went up for the customary ’sign of the cross’. The cycle’...See more
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    By Felix Frankfurter
    It is a wise man who said that there is no greater inequality than the equal treatment of unequals. Felix Frankfurter
    Here is an example of my understanding of the quotation. Let us consider our friends. They are no...
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    Nov 15
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    Hon'ble Minister for Finance: Exempt Senior Citizen Medical Insurance Policy from GST

    I just signed the petition "Hon'ble Minister for Finance: Exempt Senior Citizen Medical Insurance Policy from GST" and wanted to see...
    Nov 15
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