Posting Guidelines

1. V would like to encourage you to post as much original content as possible. Collectively, V have so many life experiences and stories to share, let's make Verdurez a repository of senior stories (from the past, the present and even the future).

2. If you are posting content from another source (published material, website, forwarded email), please quote the source at the bottom of your post. It is not fair to use material from other sources without giving them the due credit. If you don't know the original source, simply write 'Source: Unknown'

3. V encourages healthy discussions and debates on all topics. Nothing is off-limits. In fact, V would like you to be able to discuss things here which you cannot do outside of these walls.

4. V does not encourage and will not allow inflammatory posts and comments in the areas of religion, gender, caste, community, sexuality or disability.

5. Please avoid coloured/bold/large size fonts. It makes reading the text very difficult and uncomfortable to the eyes.

6. The official language of Verdurez is English. If posting in any other language and/or script, please provide English translation alongside else the post will be either moved to 'Non-English language' section or deleted.

7. Please have a look at what you post. Is it legible? Can you see the images? Is the post visible to you? If the answer is no, then chances are that no one else can see the posting either! Please have a look, edit if need be and make it presentable for others.

8. If you are copying and pasting from an email (for example an email from your gmail, yahoo or hotmail account), please make sure that you do not include advertisemnts attached to the email. They clutter the content and disturb page layout.

9. Please post in appropriate section under Discussion Board. [8.1] Thoughts & Essays - A space where you can post your personal thoughts, essays, monologues, reflections, contemplations, theorisations and confusions. No secondary data allowed. [8.2] Poetry & Fiction - A space where you can share self-composed poems and fiction. Please do NOT post content from secondary source here. [8.3] Forwards & Copy-Paste Material - You can share contents of forwarded email, copy and paste material or any other data from secondary source in this section.

10. Please do not post in all capital letters (subject line or text body). In the internet language this is as good as shouting. You wouldn't shout at someone in the real world so why do so in the virtual world?

11. If you no longer wish to be part of Verdurez and would like to leave, we will be sorry to see you go but will respect your decision. Please send an email to info at verdurez dot come so that we can suspend your account and remove you from our mailing list. If ever you wish to return you will be most welcome to; get in touch to get your account re-activated. To ensure harmonious and stress-free networking experience for fellow Verdurians, all posts and comments related to your departure (such as "goodbye", "farewell", "sorry to see xyz leave") will be deleted.

Please follow these guidelines and internet etiquette to make Verdurez a pleasant, peaceful and pleasurable experience for all.

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