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Verdurez is a social networking site for people of Indian origin aged 55 years and above living in India and abroad.

The aim of the website is to help senior Indians network with like-minded people, to help them lead a more enriched life and to help them keep pace with the fast changing world around them.

We passionately believe that life doesn’t come to a slow grinding halt as you get older.

The name Verdurez has been coined from the noun verdure which means greenness, especially of fresh, flourishing vegetation, freshness in general; flourishing condition; vigour.

It is our firm belief that life doesn’t stop when one reaches a certain age, if anything, a new phase in life begins; it, too, can flourish with vigour and freshness.

As one of our members Akber says, Verdurez will bring out “pachpan ka bachpan” among senior Indians.

Upcoming events

VAM 2018: Malaysia
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Ishita Jun 20