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The Golden Years: Today’s anecdote - Sugar Chemistry Practical Class by Verdurian KGBDoss. "I did the Post Graduate Diploma course in Sugar Technology from National Sugar Institute, Kanpur. As a part of the course we have subject known as Sugar Chemistry. We have to perform some elaborate (and sometimes boring) experiments in Sugar Chemistry Practical Class. We were supposed to analyse a sample of lime for its calcium content. It required the use of Liquor ammonia. (Liquor ammonia is a strong solution of Ammonium hydroxide. It is a highly corrosive chemical). On that particular day I wanted to sincerely do the experiment. Our Practical class was immediately after lunch. I finished the lunch early and came to the Practical class about 15 minutes before the scheduled time." More...

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Seek or request help. The Help Club provides resources in the areas of Clothing, Food & Nutrition, Happiness, Health, Housing, Money Matters and Companionship. Please help us nurture this part of Verdurez by providing relevant links and information.

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Verdurez Annual Meetup (VAM) 2015: Mysore & Coorg
Very pleased to post details of our pocket friendly annual meetup in Coorg next February. Please ...
Ishita Feb 2 '15