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For Book Lovers: Verdurian Shobha shares her current read. "I have been rereading some old favourites. Just now finished again "Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman" - Adventures of a curious Character. Feynman was 1965 Physics Nobel winner for quantum theory. He was of the team that had built the atom bomb. Besides being a physicist he had many interests and this is an anthology of his "adventures". It is written in easy mostly nontechnical language and even non science people can enjoy it. But engineers and scientists will probably like it more. Would like to hear from someone who has/ will read this." More...

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Seek or request help. The Help Club provides resources in the areas of Clothing, Food & Nutrition, Happiness, Health, Housing, Money Matters and Companionship. Please help us nurture this part of Verdurez by providing relevant links and information.

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Please use this space to post your location ideas for our 5th VAM. The location could be either w...
Ishita Jan 1 '16