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Sudoku: Verdurian AKM writes, "Uniqueness is the characteristic of a well designed sudoku. Most of the puzzles in newspapers/internet sites are designed by computer and tested for uniqueness .However one can always design a sudoku with multiple solutions. In the past, I have designed simple sudoku puzzles for children by hand which often came out to be with multiple solutions." More...

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Seek or request help. The Help Club provides resources in the areas of Clothing, Food & Nutrition, Happiness, Health, Housing, Money Matters and Companionship. Please help us nurture this part of Verdurez by providing relevant links and information.

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Verdurez Local Meetup: Bangalore (6th July, 2015)
Our forthcoming Bangalore meetup is courtesy Verdurians Shri Ram Ayyangar (for venue suggestion) and...
Ishita Jul 6, 11:00
Verdurez Local Meetup: Mumbai
Verdurian Rita Jain has shown an interest in holding a meetup for Mumbai based Verdurians at her hom...
Ishita Jul 18, 16:30
Suggestions for Verdurez Annual Meetup 2016
Please use this space to post your location ideas for our 5th VAM. The location could be either w...
Ishita Jan 1 '16