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Indian Elections 2014
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VAdmin Apr 7
Verdurez Annual Meetup 2014: Vale of Kashmir
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IS Jun 20


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2 hours ago
Good Evening to all.
It is reported that construction work has come to a stand still in Hyderabad !
Costruction workers prefer to go for election compaign than manual work.
They get Rs 500/- to 600/-,food plus booze too.
The "supporters" are common but only the leaders change in any election procession.
What an irony !
4 hours ago
The Fever Poem has not left IS ALSO.
6 hours ago
Cicero's (106-43 BC) philosophy is still
valid even today, for any country of our globe!.

1. The poor: work and work,

2. The rich: exploit the poor,

3. The soldier: protects both,

4. The taxpayer: pays for all three,

5. The wanderer: rests for all four,

6. The drunk: drinks for all five,

7. The banker: robs all six,

8. The lawyer: misleads all seven,

9. The doctor: kills all eight,

10. The undertaker: buries all nine,

11. The Politician: lives happily on the account of all ten.
7 hours ago
Thursday Sudoku Fiendish Puzzle of 24-04-14 is dedicated to Ishita's first poem !
8 hours ago
Its so nice to see Golden Temples photograph, i had gone there once on diwali night, it was fantastic, tell me from where you clicked this picture Sedm?? i mean from which spot, the large orange fishes in the Sarovar is worth watching, so neat crystal clear water.....serene ambience
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