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Indian Elections 2014
All election related thoughts can go here.
VAdmin Apr 7
Verdurez Annual Meetup 2014: Vale of Kashmir
UPDATED: January 14, 2014 Join us in the Vale of Kashmir for our third Verdurez Annual Meetup (VA...
IS Jun 20


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9 minutes ago
Dear Babu, Your wish is my command! See my comments under your story about Mrs.Tara Khandelwal second part.
Now, I think you can sleep peacefully, I hope :)
28 minutes ago
To Verdurez friends
3 hours ago
KGRD and other Vs other than Savi, VAS, Rampy & Singhal....I would be pleased to have a word about Mrs.Tara Khandelwal...in two parts.
4 hours ago
Yes BIS,
Friends like Mirrors and Shadows never leave since they never speak!!!!...
9 hours ago
I received this lovely thought from my ex-physiotherapist which I would like to share with my valued Verdurians.

"People should be BLESSED in life with friends who are both Mirrors and Shadows. Mirrors don't lie and shadows never leave. Have A Bless Day Ahead."
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Indian Elections 2014: According to Verdurian Singhip21, "By all accounts Shri Narender Modi is going to be next PM. Honestly I fail to understand as to why public is turning blind to the source of enormous amount of money being spent by Modi (most of this can not be anything except black money) and why they are forgetting that BJP chose to allow Congress to do all the misdeeds and not doing the duties of principal opposition party by not taking the available legal avenues." More...

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