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Health and Fitness: Taking more calcium may not protect you against broken bones. As they age, people often take in more calcium, either through their diet or with supplements, in an effort to keep their bones strong and to lessen the chances of a fracture. Does this strategy work? More...

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My dear Ramani, I... More
VAS Yesterday, 21:37
But it is always said... More
muthurajan Yesterday, 17:21
Thank you God (Hari) ... we... More
Babu Yesterday, 16:34
But why terrify kids?
rameshsinghal Yesterday, 16:23
Quote from Babu It is... More
Hari1941 Yesterday, 15:58
Sadness is an offence/self... More
VAS Yesterday, 11:14
Verdure means green. The... More

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Seek or request help. The Help Club provides resources in the areas of Clothing, Food & Nutrition, Happiness, Health, Housing, Money Matters and Companionship. Please help us nurture this part of Verdurez by providing relevant links and information.

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